Load Banks

Electrical testing equipment to keep your operations running smoothly.


Load Banks

Smart load testing options to prove and maintain the integrity of your electrical systems.

Load Banks

Need flexible options for testing and commissioning? Distributed Power Solutions can provide the load banks to validate your power system operations. Our quality load banks will help you make critical decisions, generate efficiencies, and support your mission for a safe and productive working environment.


  • Performing maintenance testing on equipment
  • Commissioning of turbines and generators
  • Manufacturing testing
  • Switchgear validation


  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce risk
  • Lower cost

Load Bank Options

50kW 208V / 480V / 600V Resistive
100kW 208V / 480V / 600V Resistive
500kW 208V / 480V / 600V Resistive
1000kW 208V / 480V / 600V Resistive
1250kW 208V / 480V / 600V Resistive
2000kW 208V / 480V / 600V Resistive
2600kW 480V / 600V Resistive/Reactive
4000kW 4160V Resistive
5000kW 480V / 600V Resistive/Reactive
5000kW 13,800V Resistive