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30 June 2022

Cryptocurrency Mining Basics: What It Is, How It Works and How to Power the Operation

Whitepaper Thumb.pngCryptocurrency mining has gained traction over the past few years as people increasingly look to improve accessibility to those who are unbanked, the ability to send and receive payments to or from anyone around the world, and lower transaction times. If you are considering mining cryptocurrency, here is what you need to know about the world of cryptocurrency, why mining is critical, and the equipment required to run a successful business.


29 June 2021

Saber Power Services and Distributed Power Solutions Team Up for Hurricane Response

hurricane-response-thumb.jpgOn  August 26, 2020, Hurricane Laura knocked out power to half a million customers across the Gulf Coast. The entire electrical grid was devastated and unstable. A backup power source was deemed vital while the damage was repaired. One of the region’s primary utility providers released this statement: “Because of the extent of damage and rebuilding required, we expect recovery to be as difficult and challenging as we have ever faced in the past and customers in the hardest-hit areas should expect extended power outages lasting for weeks.”
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9 June 2021

Distributed Power Solutions Awarded Contracts To Provide 290MW Of Baseload Power In Mexico

mexico-power-thumb.jpgDistributed Power Solutions (DPS) is supplying baseload power generation for the second year in a row to three sites in the Baja California region in Mexico. For the 2021 peaking season, DPS was awarded 290MW of power generation, up from 90MW awarded in 2020. DPS has mobilized all gas generation technologies available in the market including gas reciprocating engines, gas aeroderivative turbines and gas industrial turbines.
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Our Rental Power Generation Products


Distributed Power Solutions provides gas turbine generator rentals to a global customer base across multiple industries. The units can be shipped by air, sea, rail or truck and offer rapid setup and superior reliability and operating costs compared to reciprocating units.


Natural gas reciprocating engines, which are typically used for backup, standby or emergency power, are becoming increasingly popular for larger utility-scale power generation applications, especially in areas with high levels of electricity generation from intermittent sources such as wind and solar.


From I-Line panel to manual and automatic transfer switches to transformers and common bus enclosures, Distributed Power Solutions has you covered with the power distribution equipment that you require.